Sunday, August 15, 2021

Seinfeld episodes clean or not, ordered by season

In preparation for the release of Seinfeld on Netflix, I have revisited my list and am starting to fill out some more details. I have also decided to reorganize the list and order the episodes by season, rather than alphabetically. Enjoy!

Season 1  
1"The Seinfeld Chronicles"Almost Clean 
2"The Stake Out"Almost Cleanadult video discussed in first scene, Jerry calls himself a
3"The Robbery"  
4"Male Unbonding"  
5"The Stock Tip"Not Cleanweekend trip with gf
 Season 2  
1"The Ex-Girlfriend"Not Clean 
2"The Pony Remark"  
3"The Jacket"  
4"The Phone Message"Not Cleangoing up for "coffee"
5"The Apartment"Not Clean 
6"The Statue"Almost Clean1 reference to sex
7"The Revenge"  
8"The Heart Attack"Not Clean 
9"The Deal"  
10"The Baby Shower"  
11"The Chinese Restaurant"  
12"The Busboy"  
 Season 3  
1"The Note"  
2"The Truth"Not Clean 
3"The Pen"  
4"The Dog"Clean 
5"The Library"Not Clean 
6"The Parking Garage"  
7"The CafĂ©"Clean 
8"The Tape"  
9"The Nose Job"Not Clean 
10"The Stranded"Not Clean 
11"The Alternate Side"  
12"The Red Dot"  
13"The Subway"Not Clean 
14"The Pez Dispenser"Clean 
15"The Suicide"Almost Cleanmention of swimsuit models nude, couple moving in together
16"The Fix-Up"Not Clean 
17"The Boyfriend"  
18"The New Friend"  
19"The Limo"  
20"The Good Samaritan"Not Clean 
21"The Letter"Not Clean 
22"The Parking Space"Almost Cleana word
23"The Keys"Almost CleanKramer and girl in Jerry's bedroom, h word, Kramer flirting with truck driver
 Season 4  
1"The Trip (Part 1)"Almost cleanSkip the first scene
2"The Trip (Part 2)"Clean 
3"The Pitch"Clean 
4"The Ticket"Almost Clean1 reference to masturbation
5"The Wallet"Almost Cleansexual references
6"The Watch"Not Clean 
7"The Bubble Boy"Not Clean premise of unmarried couples travelling for the weekend, suggestion of Elaine sleeping naked with Jerry
8"The Cheever Letters"Not Clean 
9"The Opera"Clean  
10"The Virgin"Not Clean 
11"The Contest"Not Clean plot centers around masturbation 
12"The Airport"Almost Cleanmodel describes photoshoot
13"The Pick"Not Clean 
14"The Movie"Not Clean 
15"The Visa"Almost Clean1 reference to sex
16"The Shoes"Not Clean 
17"The Outing"Not Clean 
18"The Old Man"Not Clean 
19"The Implant"  
20"The Junior Mint"Almost Cleanfemale body parts
21"The Smelly Car"Not Clean 
22"The Handicap Spot"Almost Cleans o b
23-24"The Pilot"  
 Season 5  
1"The Mango"Not Clean 
2"The Puffy Shirt"Not Clean 
3"The Glasses"Almost Cleanone use of s o b in the last line of the show
4"The Sniffing Accountant"Not Clean 
5"The Bris"Not Clean 
6"The Lip Reader"  
7"The Non-Fat Yogurt"  
8"The Barber"Clean 
9"The Masseuse"Not Clean 
10"The Cigar Store Indian"Not Clean 
11"The Conversion"  
12"The Stall"Not Cleanphone sex
13"The Dinner Party"  
14"The Marine Biologist"Clean 
15"The Pie"Not Clean 
16"The Stand-In"Not Clean 
17"The Wife"Almost Cleangf sleeping w/Jerry
18-19"The Raincoats"Not Clean 
20"The Fire"Clean 
21"The Hamptons"  
22"The Opposite"Almost Clean"are you sure you don't want to come up?", "sex with cleaning woman" and "moving in together"
 Season 6  
1"The Chaperone"  
2"The Big Salad"  
3"The Pledge Drive"Cleanman thought to be gay, people giving "the finger"
4"The Chinese Woman"Not Clean 
5"The Couch"Clean 
6"The Gymnast"Not Clean 
7"The Soup"Clean 
8"The Mom & Pop Store"Clean 
9"The Secretary"Not Clean 
10"The Race"Almost CleanGeorge "lost his virginity"
11"The Switch"  
12"The Label Maker"Not Clean 
13"The Scofflaw"Clean 
14-15"The Highlights of 100"  
16"The Beard"  
17"The Kiss Hello"Not Clean 
18"The Doorman"Almost Clean 
19"The Jimmy"Not Clean 
20"The Doodle"  
21"The Fusilli Jerry"Not Clean 
22"The Diplomat's Club"Not Clean 
23"The Face Painter"Almost Clean 
24"The Understudy"  
 Season 7  
1"The Engagement"  
2"The Postponement"  
3"The Maestro"Almost Clean 
4"The Wink"Not Clean 
5"The Hot Tub"  
6"The Soup Nazi"Clean 
7"The Secret Code"Clean 
8"The Pool Guy"  
9"The Sponge"  
10"The Gum"  
11"The Rye"Not Clean 
12"The Caddy"Not Clean 
13"The Seven"Almost Clean1 reference to sex
14-15"The Cadillac"Not Cleanengaged couple living together, affair, reference to sex
16"The Shower Head"  
17"The Doll"  
18"The Friars Club"  
19"The Wig Master"  
20"The Calzone"Clean 
21-22"The Bottle Deposit"Clean 
23"The Wait Out"Not Clean 
24"The Invitations"Almost Cleandeath
 Season 8  
1"The Foundation"Clean 
2"The Soul Mate"CleanVasectomies integral to the plot
3"The Bizarro Jerry"Clean 
4"The Little Kicks"Almost Cleanmentions film with excessive sexual content
5"The Package"Not Clean 
6"The Fatigues"Clean 
7"The Checks"Clean 
8"The Chicken Roaster"Almost Clean"you should sleep with him"
9"The Abstinence"  
10"The Andrea Doria"Clean 
11"The Little Jerry"Not Clean 
12"The Money"  
13"The Comeback"Not Clean 
14"The Van Buren Boys"Almost CleanJerry talks about spending the weekend with his gf
15"The Susie"Almost Cleanfine until Mr. Pederman's comments at the memorial service toward the end
16"The Pothole"Almost Cleanscene w/ gf&bf in bathrobes
17"The English Patient"Almost Clean 
18"The Nap"Almost Cleanusing the mattress
19"The Yada Yada"  
20"The Millennium"Cleanbody suit man
21"The Muffin Tops"Clean 
22"The Summer of George"  
 Season 9  
1"The Butter Shave"Almost Cleand word, h word, mention of porn star
2"The Voice"Not Clean 
3"The Serenity Now"  
4"The Blood"Not Clean 
5"The Junk Mail"  
6"The Merv Griffin Show"  
7"The Slicer"  
8"The Betrayal"  
9"The Apology"Not Clean 
10"The Strike"Almost Cleanhot date and sheets joke
11"The Dealership"  
12"The Reverse Peephole"Almost Cleanimplied adulterous affair
13"The Cartoon"Not Clean 
14"The Strongbox"  
15"The Wizard"  
16"The Burning"  
17"The Bookstore"  
18"The Frogger"  
19"The Maid"  
20"The Puerto Rican Day"  
21"The Chronicle"  
22"The Clip Show"  
23-24"The Finale" 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Seinfeld episodes with/without objectionable content

Yes, there actually are clean episodes of Seinfeld. :) As I find more, I will add them to this list.

Clean Episodes

Almost Clean Episodes

Definitely Not Clean Episodes

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family Friendly Seinfeld

Here are the episodes of Seinfeld that I have found that are family friendly (comments in parentheses). Anyone know of more? Feel free to comment with suggestions. Thanks.